Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A)

We have been asked to act on the behalf of sellers and purchasers, private clients and international or multinational entities. The majority of our clients are sustainable companies or businessmen from Spain, Great Britain, Ireland, USA.

Our services relating to M&A deals include all stages of the process:

We are preparing the transaction and drafting the structure. We explain our clients the legal and regulatory framework of the business they are interested in Bulgaria. We provide and propose options and opportunities, so the clients can choose the most appropriate for them;

Upon client’s request we prepare legal due diligence – this helps the client understand all of the major elements of the deal, including the corporate governance requirements, tax aspects, local and international partners requirements.

We are drafting the contractual documentation – we make a detailed research on all requirements and prepare the documents complying with them;

We are present at the closing of the deal and provide legal support until its final stage – we monitor the valid and indisputable transfer of the title, the payment, the changes in the management bodies, etc.

It is often happening that following the completion of the transfer we are asked to continue with providing legal assistance and support to the new owner in order to support him in connection with the new acquisition in Bulgaria.